Happy Day’s Philosophy

We believe:

  • In listening to each other (I am heard.)
  • In the importance of belonging. (This is my place.)
  • In putting our arms round each other (Someone)
  • In having freedom to make choices (My decisions are important.)
  • In learning how to be a friend (I am helped to reach out to others.)
  • In building self esteem and confidence (I believe in myself.)
  • That the process of learning is more important than any end product (I can make mistakes and not worry.)
  • Being outdoors allows children to develop a wonder and respect about nature and each other. (I have space to run and jump and shout. Or stop and look and wonder.)
  • In giving children spaces and resources which encourage them to use their imagination and be creative. (I can think for myself and make choices.)
  • That there is no ceiling. (I can be anything I want to be)


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