One of the loveliest things about working in a nursery is getting alongside these children and watching them as they grow and develop. Children are such endlessly fascinating creatures.

We get the privilege of watching their personalities grow and develop and being able to contribute to that in any small way is a privilege we don’t take for granted. There is something fulfilling in being on the journey with a little one and being their companion and friend as they make the initial journey of transitioning.

We see the initial anxieties and the behaviours that brings; clinging to mum or dad in the morning, the cosy toys and dummies that bring such comfort and then of course we are not privy to the many conversations of reassurance that take place at home.

But children are amazing.  They always settle down and have the most amazing and fun filled time here with us.

Sitting back today on Children in Need 2017 and watching the children arrive, We spend much of our time encouraging the little ones to be as independent as possible and to be capable and confident learners (which of course they are) But then in they come today, all wrapped up in cosy onsies and dressing gowns, feet encased in a pair of soft fluffy slippers and it’s a dramatic reminder of just how wee and small they really are.

Today is a day where I am reminded afresh that here at Happy Days we are one big family.


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